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Who We Are

Who We Are

Chairman's Message

The world itself gives a true picture of what the company strives to achieve, dawn, a new era to shine, and a transition of the Real Estate Business into Reality.

VW Properties envisions a modern and prosperous Pakistan. We believe a truly successful company has a duty to not only support but uplift the communities it serves. That’s why we work with suppliers, vendors, and partners who share our values and hold them to high ethical standards.

We take pride in our progress made so far. Our teams understand how we operate is just as crucial as what we accomplish. It is through the spirit of teamwork and strong sense of vision that we strive towards our goals successfully.

Our vision is to be a world-class business generating company with long term values for our clients by providing the opportunity to invest in successful lifestyle developments where people aspire to live, work, and play.

As the chairman of VW Properties, I am both proud and honored to lead a team of associates who endeavor to reach the highest quality standards and strive to achieve brilliance in performance.

We feel truly committed to reciprocate the trust of our customers by fulfilling our promises and exceeding their expectations.

- Vaqas Wazir


Who We Are

For over a decade our team of experts has been managing properties and we do it very well. We have developed systems and controls that are needed to ensure the highest caliber of quality which is unmatched in our industry in Pakistan. This includes marketing, maintenance, human resources, market information gathering, accounting, and reporting.

VW Property can never compromise on the quality of work being delivered to our investors and clients. Another aspect that sets us apart from other companies is the core competencies that we have developed over a decade of experience in property management.

What We Offer

Unique Locations

VW Properties builds spaces exactly where you wish to live. We pay attention to your requirements whether you want to be near schools, entertainment, shopping and eating places or you want to have a peaceful scenic view with natural beauty. We deliver what you are looking for and select desirable locations.

Unique Architecture

Your property will stand out in the crowd. We incorporate distinctive features in our craftsmanship of your home. We build contemporary homes that are perfectly sized whether you want a farmhouse or a condo in a city. We can build your space to suit your lifestyle.

Unmatched Choice

We choose modern and state-of-the-art appliances, fixtures, plumbing, finished, and touch-ups to customize your home that shows style. No one can offer the same experience. All the homes we have built have extraordinary design elements that mark our signature style. You will fall in love with all the details of your home and project.

Unmatched Customer Experience

We have raised the bar in Pakistan’s market. From the first moment you interact with us, you will witness care, thoughtful attention, and professionalism. All our team members deliver quality work that will exceed your expectations. You will enjoy working with us.

Project Management Core Competencies

Owner Representation

Manage Development Team & Design Professionals

Overall Project Development Oversight

Overall Budget & Schedule Management

Contract Evaluation & Implementation

Municipal Government & Agency Interface

Utility Design Contracts

Post Completion Resolutions

Assemble Development Team

Direct Architects, Engineers, Consultants

Tentative/ Final Map

Oversee Improvement & Landscape Plans

Project Phasing & Sequencing

Sales and Marketing Core Competencies

Market Analysis, Research & Updates


In-house Licensed Agents

Hire & Manage Experienced Sales Staff Per Project

Manage Buyer Process

Manage Options & Design Center

Develop & Implement Marketing & Advertising Plans (Includes Print, Digital & Social Media)

Buyer Outreach

Oversee Property Maintenance

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Welcome to Sagen, a modern platform perfect for showcasing your properties.

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