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Short Letting


Convert your property into profitable rentals and grow your bank balance every month without a single hassle.

With our short letting management services, you can start earning even more on your property with no hassle. VW Property gives landlords and homeowners the opportunity and ability to maximize their property revenuers easily while having full flexibility and control on the property.

Since there has been a steady growth in the number of homeowners deciding to offer their properties on a short let or holiday let basis, some of them worry about managing this stream of revenue. This is where VW Property can help. We take care of everything and provide a service that is designed to take short letting to the next level for you by going the extra mile to ensure that every stay on your property is a 5-star experience.

Our short letting services


We advertise your property on our website so that your property is exposed to thousands of guests per day. We will get your property up and running by listing it on our exclusive profiles.


We have an in-house photographer who can capture all the wonderful features of your property to ensure that your place catches the eye and stands out.


We take care of all the guests' communication however you may set certain house rules for who can book and to get to know guests before their stay.


Guests may need to arrive on specific timelines as decided by the house owner. You can contact your guests with any questions before their stay.


If required, regular maintenance is provided to short let properties through our ready-to-call in house maintenance person.


You can set your own price however we make sure you have the right price for the right time of the year as compared to other properties in your area.


We make it very simple and swift for you to short let your property and start earning. Here is how we do it.


For us to help maximize your property revenues, you can get in touch with our experts. You can contact us through phone, email, or by simply filling in this form.


We will visit you at the property and advise accordingly. We may advise on a suitable key safe that can be installed to enable guests to freely come and go. Through our selection of exclusive partners, we will secure you the best deal on security services. We will also take pictures of your property to create the listing.


You can sit back and relax while we start the work. We will create a listing of your property and market it. We will expose your property or rooms to thousands of guests over multiple exclusive channels including our websites, booking platforms, social media, and offline media where appropriate.


Depending on the level of service you need, you can consider the job done. You can watch the money rolling in. We will continue to market your property and book guests while making sure their stay is always a five-star experience.

Register Your House

Better listing gets high conversions. It is time for you to let our professional photography and expert copywriting service craft an eye-catching listing that will drive big conversions and increase your CTR. Register your house with us today so that we can list your property on leading holiday rental platforms and market it to our reoccurring private clients to help ensure a steady stream of booking with minimal gaps between each one for you. Start earning today.

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