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Rent Property


Get the most profitable tenants and property rental management solution that increases your bank balance every month.

VW Property is equipped to meet all your property management needs. Our rental
management service includes:


Continuous Communication


Marketing and advertising


Screening and selection of tenants


Full-services leasing


Collection of rents on time


Regular property inspections


Reliable and affordable maintenance service


Compliant and firm evictions when needed


Rental listings

How Will My Property Be Managed?

This is a valid question because you want to invest your property without getting into the hassle to take care of routine operations or travel to your property to solve tenant and rental issues. This is more valid for foreign investors who cannot always be there for their properties and have houses for rent by owner. Over the years we have created a smooth process by which our clients can enjoy rental income on their properties without a single headache or stress. If you have houses for rent, we can manage them for you.

We also create effective real estate listings so that when someone does a homesearch like houses for rent near me, your property pops up first.

We Have a Committed Local Team

We understand that investors need the best in property management and this is where our local and dedicated service team will always give property to your requests.

At VW Properties, we choose the right approach to property management. We stay with our investors through the whole process and provide you with the best experience. It is obvious that your rental property represents a huge investment and we are dedicated to the success of it. To get there we ensure that your property is rented quickly in all places for rent so that you can maximize your rental income.

We make sure there is complete transparency in all our interactions and property accounting with our investors. Our local management team manages and transfers the rental income to the bank account you provide us with.

As a property management company, our goal is to manage and maintain your property the best we can to the highest standard while making sure that it is in great hands. We will manage everything on-site with the tenants and local teams so that you can enjoy the return on your investment in peace.

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