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Designing a Teenage Bedroom

Your teenager’s bedroom may be among the hardest rooms in the house to design because you want it to spotlight and nurture their personal style and interests while still ensuring it fits in with the rest of the home. It’s only right that a teen’s bedroom would be full of everything they love, whether it’s high-energy color choices, unique storage solutions for displaying their books and toys, or a striking bed design.

While crafting the perfect room for a teenager may seem like a daunting task, it is certainly feasible if you think a bit outside the box. Looking for some design inspiration? Browse these five creative teen room ideas before you get started on your own design project.

1. Smart Storage

This bedroom is the perfect example of how to decorate a space that can grow with a person. It has smart storage solutions with playful yet grown-up decor on display, a neutral color palette brought to life with fun prints and motifs, and high-quality bedding. For a similar feel, try mixing bold prints within a tight color scheme and make sure the details are polished – like these traditional sconces.


2. Layer it up!

If your teens share one large room, consider two queen beds instead of two twin-sized beds if you have the space. The upgrade will make sharing a room feel a lot more mature and comfortable. Incorporate boho elements with a patterned rug, bright sheets and pillows, and rattan ottomans.


3. Have fun with Décor!

When decorating a kid’s room, always invest in classic staples and then have a little more fun with the artwork and accessories. These are a lot easier to swap in and out and can introduce just as much personality. A printed upholstered headboard and fun throw pillows will bring in a sense of youthfulness while modern sconces add polish


4. Strike a Balance

Here is proof that you can be bold and bright while still maintaining a clean, sophisticated aesthetic. The yellow stripes on the ceiling make the whole room pop, while the grays mellow things out just a touch. We also love the idea of putting a bed in the corner, where it feels more private and cozy.


5. Keep It Clean and Simple

Not all teenagers love bright colors, posters, and patterns. If your teen prefers neutral color palettes, bring in more dimension with a fluffy carpet, luxe bedding, and an interesting bed frame. Indoor plants and plenty of natural light do not hurt either. If they want to add in more color or decor later, that is always an option – it is best to start with a solid base they can build upon.

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