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Complete construction and building solution to translate your dream project into a reality.

VW Properties offers in-house design and construction management services to our clients. Our construction management team takes on an ownership approach to all construction projects and this is why we are one of the best construction companies in Pakistan.

We offer daily oversight, administration, remodeling, interior modification, and project management services for old or new construction projects for restaurants, theaters, laboratories, government or educational facilities, hotels, mosques, entertainment units, and more.

How do we construct customized spaces with our VW BUILD-TO-SUIT Process?


We dedicate a VW Properties Manager to become your partner throughout the project. The manager will develop a communication plan and go over all the details of your construction plan with you.

Inspect Foundation

Your dedicated manager will perform an inspection of your project’s foundation to make sure it is according to the land laws of Pakistan. After that, the local agency will perform an inspection.

Inspecting Frame

Your dedicated manager will perform an inspection of your project’s framing. Key details will be inspected carefully, looking out for bows, bulges, or any irregularities that might cause problems later.


We will give you a fully guided walk-through of the project after ensuring that plumbing electrical and mechanical installations have been added. This will give you an idea of what the actual space will feel like to be in.

Final Inspection

This phase comes right before the completion of your project. In this stage, your dedicated manager will review all the components of your project in detail and offer final quality verification.


Once the manager is done with a quality verification check, an official VW service representative will perform the final quality confirmation check of your completed project.


Congratulations. You can move in and celebrate your new home. You can perform a quality check yourself now with your dedicated manager as your tour the new project together and examine details.


You are welcome to give feedback of your new project within 60 days of completion. We care about your feedback and stand behind what we have built for you. We improve with our client’s feedback.

Residential Construction

Our residential construction team works closely with you to bring your dream project to life. Our detail-oriented approach makes sure that we create customized, cozy spaces for you to call home.

We have the needed experience to keep your residential project on schedule and budget. We not only manage the project scope, design, budgets, and all construction workers – we also regularly communicate with you to ensure that the finished project is exactly what you wanted.

Our construction services in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad have expanded to manage several projects simultaneously.

Commercial Construction

Our team manages every detail of the design and construction process beginning from conception to its completion – including everything in between in a commercial construction project.

Our detail-oriented approach focuses on all types of Commercial Building construction e.g Commercial Plazas construction, Educational Facility construction, Religious Institution Construction, Mid-tier societies construction, Hotels & Motels construction, warehouse construction, etc.

Our construction management team is central to the due diligence process in developing strategic construction project budgets and are professionally planned.

Home Renovation

Our renovation and remodeling management team has the experience needed to ensure that owners accomplish full property renovations and improvements at a quality and speed that will allow our management team to push tents and income to the property’s max level as soon as possible.

Our team can completely change the outlook of your home and renovate it to become the latest home on your block. There is no need to go out and look for a new home as construction costs in Pakistan can be high when we can renovate it for you with the latest plumbing, lighting, appliances, flooring, ceiling, kitchens, tiles etc.s for you in a much less budget.

Home Interior

We take a holistic and comprehensive overview of each interior project so that every aspect of the scheme is fully integrated and cohesively in line with what the client imagines.

We understand the reason begin each renovation can vary. We approach each project based on the asset’s unique economics and requirements. We take an in-depth look at the client’s needs to ensure that our renovation proposal is a comprehensive solution that addresses existing and future challenges.

The architectural design and interior team considers how best to creatively explore and enhance every aspect of the space while implementing functionality along with aesthetics. We commission bespoke joinery, furniture, and lighting that enables us to customize each piece to complement and enhance the space.

Adapt Your Home to VW Smart®

VW Properties offers to build you a residence that is equipped with the latest smart devices and smart appliances that automate your home. No local construction companies offer this. These are built into the structure itself and homeowners can operate them with voice commands, applications, and automation. VW Smart also offers solar integration so that you running an environmentally friendly house with high electric efficiency and low energy costs.

VW Smart homes make life simpler for you. Want to switch on your room’s light? Just say so with words. Smart homes also offer better security and safety with automated alarm systems, cameras, and doorbells. The choices are unlimited.

Want a Smart Home and live the next big thing?

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