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    About Company

    VW Properties offer solutions that help operate your property effortlessly, increase its desirability, and boost its investment value.

    Whether you’re looking to build a property, remodel it, manage it, or buy it – let our experts shoulder the responsibility, while you reap the rewards. We operate with a personalized touch that we consider is essential for a successful business.

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    Our Services

    We offer in-house design and construction management services with an ownership approach to all construction projects of our clients.

    We have information from our experts on the current real estate market, financing options, and tips on purchasing you next profitable property.

    Our smooth process lets our clients can enjoy rental income from their properties without a single headache or stress. Payments are on time.

    Our Recently Completed Projects

    All of our projects spring to life from our construction planning. Our team of professionals pours out each detail in construction planning so that the project progresses flawlessly. From the choice of technology, work tasks, estimate of the required resources, to timelines, materials, and personalized designs – each project we churn out is an artistic masterpiece.

    We have built more than 25 one and two-Kanal houses in the heart of DHA, Lahore. These masterpieces feature 5+ bedrooms, attached baths, beautiful cabin wardrobes, Jacuzzis, imported kitchen fixtures, stunning finishes from every corner, spacious dining, comfortable TV lounge, and floorings made from granite, wood, and marble. The customized houses reflected personal touches and are ideal for a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle.
    Ready to build a house that you can call home?

    We have built 4 and 8 Marla commercial buildings in DHA, Lahore. Our experts created construction plans, adhering to DHA construction/property laws. From fireproofing, waterproofing to concrete technology and roofing underlay, we paid attention to each detail to build modern, safe, sustainable, and beautiful commercial buildings.
    Make a statement with your commercial space and stand out in the competition.


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